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WinterSecret Pro
WinterSecret Pro

Winter is here! Buy a Winter Jacket online!

Cool weather is a fun time for layering on your favorite clothes, but do you need more than that when the weather gets really cold? It’s best to stay covered to prevent respiratory conditions like Cold and Influenza. Winter is the coldest season of the year, with a lot of snowflakes. Yea! It’s frizzy. Winter arrives, an icy serenade, a coolness to bring out the warmth within.

WinterSecret Pro

“Winter is the time for comfort, for good food and warmth, for the touch of a friendly hand and for a talk beside the fire: it is the time for home”

Ever wondered how to survive the harsh climate change?  There are a lot of ways people are using to keep themselves warm but the problem is that most of these methods do not work as expected; The need for a perfect solution is on the rise across the globe. We present to you something efficient and comfy, The WinterSecret Pro.

WinterSecret Pro


WinterSecret Pro is a vest equipped with durable heating pads; when attached to a USB power bank, it warms up and protects the user under any winter condition.

WinterSecret Pro is not just used at home like other warmth inducing products, but this jacket can be worn no matter your location or where you are going. Since the common cold penetrates the skin easily, It is very important that one uses a method that locates most of the various areas that are highly penetrable to gain maximum warmth and result.

You can wear WinterSecret Pro just the same way you wear any of your jackets but the only difference between them is that WinterSecret Pro is equipped with heating pads, while the latter is not.

WinterSecret Pro is a unisex winter wear which can be worn by both genders; It comes in different sizes and colors, which gives the variety of options available to choose your perfect fit.

WinterSecret Pro

Yes, this is a winter jacket that heats from inside at the push of a button, amazing right? It keeps you warm from inside. 

Many buyers love this jacket because it solves 99.8% of cold-related problems for people travelling, working, buying groceries, meeting friends, relaxing, walking the dog or simply taking a stroll in the park during Winters!

This is the most valuable feature of this WinterSecret jacket; it is quite portable to carry about especially during hiking. It is a great winter jacket to have in your backpack especially during hiking.

Changing between the high, medium, and low settings is safe and can be done with a button on the jacket liner. You don’t have to worry about recharging batteries as the heated jacket does not consume much energy and power. This winter jacket is made with fine linen nylon that makes it strong and can easily protect from the harsh cold of the winter.


  • Unisex
  • Instant heat and warmth
  • Affordable adjustable temperature
  • Lightweight wear
  • High quality materials
  • Safe and comfy for everyone
  • Weather Proof Under Any Condition
  • Run Time up to 8 Hours (with a 10000mAh power bank)
  • Water resistant jacket


  • Instant Warm-Up Under Any Conditions
  • Three Heating Intensity Setting
  • High Quality Lining For Improved Ergonomic
  • Waterproof Heaters, Completely Washable
  • To Be Used With Standard Power Bank
  • Three heating areas and Five heated zones


  • Affordable
  • Perfect Gift
  • Safe Jacket
  • Light weight
  • Carryable and portable


  • Not available yet in the marketspace, only on the official website.
  • Limited stocks available


Heated area: Chest, Upper Back

Heat levels: Three (Low 100°F, Medium 120°F, High 130°F)

Sizes: S to 3XL

Material: Polyester Shell, Fleece Lining

Best use: Casual

Gender: Male and female

Fabrics: Recycle nylon plain weave

Lining fabrics: Recycled polyester plain weave  

Windproof: Yes

Waterproof: Yes

Insulating: Yes

Warmth: Premium

Hood: Yes

Back length: Hip length


*A great offer, problem solving for the winter, recommended to target countries with cold winters.

*All traffic accepted, except for incentive.

*All major payment methods accepted.

*There are numerous bargains on the official website; Discounts can only be applied while making a purchase on the official website. Hurry and place your order!


WinterSecret Pro is available at the price of ₦ 55,053 ₦ 27,526* (50% Discount Per Unit)

Free Delivery on every order today!

*Subject to availability in stock




Q: I’ve been wondering, what happens when the WinterSecret Pro jacket gets dirty? 

Ans: There is no need to worry about whether to wash or not. WinterSecret Pro is totally hand-friendly, which means that you can wash your jacket whenever it gets dirty.

Q: How to buy the WinterSecret Pro jacket?

Ans: This device is not yet available in the open market space. You can only get this device from the official website of Winter Secret Pro. All you have to do is to place your order using the link on this article. 

Q: I just bought one, how do I use it?

Ans: When you are done unpacking your WinterSecret Pro, you can use your power bank and plug in the port of your jacket; this is done by using your USB cable to plug your WinterSecret Pro with your power bank. It is that simple. Just then you must have worn your WinterSecret Pro. Enjoy the warmness from within!

Q: What Is The Price of WinterSecret Pro?

Ans: The company is currently running over 50% discount in price. When you make your orders using the link on this article, you will enjoy this discount. Below are the prices of WinterSecret Pro:

1 for $67

Buy 2, Get 1 Free for $134

Buy 3, Get 2 Free for $196


Oops! I live in Indiana and have worn this jacket throughout the seasons for the past few years now; the jacket still looks new and comfy. I have done lots of work outside in freezing temps with just a single shirt underneath and jacket’s setting in its highest, I felt really comfortable. It is best to upgrade to the larger Amp hour battery if using for hunting or spending long periods outdoors; I would suggest a 6 amp/hr battery for a lasting use. 

Mary J.

Perfect! The jacket sends plenty of warmth on its own. I was  looking forward to having a lighter jacket to use for hunting that I could easily turn on when I start getting cold; this really beat my expectations. Battery life is okay but not wholly impressive. Battery location is a little inconvenient but you’d get used to it with time. 

Anthony M.

Haha! I caught my wife “borrowing” it and enjoying the warmth. Overall, an awesome jacket and investment for the cold seasons.

John M.


Protecting yourself during the winter cannot be overemphasized, as it would prevent you from spending money getting over-the-counter medications for the common cold.

In a nutshell, make the right choice by ordering this device. you won’t have regrets, not for a day.

You can join thousands of customers that are making use of this great wear device by simply using the link on this article to make your orders directly from the official website.

Colder regions with extremely low temperatures, such as Russia, northern United States, Canada, northern Europe, etc, should be more prepared for the Winter!

Health is wealth!

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