HairRevit Pro Facts; Read Before Purchase| 2023

HairRevit Pro

HairRevit Pro acts as a hair loss treatment that uses red light therapy to stimulate growth from individual hair follicles. This  low level light technology improves oil production, keeping hair healthy, luminous, shiny and thick.

It is very normal to lose hair while combing, but abnormal when the hair fall and breakage is excess. In this case, a specialist should be consulted; they perform several tests and biopsy to have knowledge about the root cause of the deviation.

A patient with alopecia can have a regrowth when the right treatments are used, but the response varies from person to person due to heredity and varying physiology.

Technology is advancing at a very quick pace, and the usage of  Hair Revit Pro  allows consumers access to see exactly how it can translate into new hair growth. With the red light therapy, this device helps to revitalize the hair follicles, stimulating them to produce healthy and thick hair. 

By taking 10 minutes out of each day to brush the Hair Revit Pro through the hair, users will quickly see observable results. Without having to include any new shampoos, treatments or conditioners, users can focus on brushing their hair to promote their desired growth.

HairRevit Pro


  • Safe and effective
  • Improves physical function
  • Lowers inflammation, lesions and pain
  • Gradual and full hair regrowth
  • Boosts self-confidence which was lost when the hair could not regrow.
  • Hair loss reversal
  • Hair returns to a healthy growth cycle
  • Reduces hair loss
  • Promotes strong hair root
  • Deep nutrition guaranteed.
  • Firm hair roots.
  • Reproduce healthy hair
  • Reduction of oil output
  • Reduce oil production
  • Provides a healthy scalp environment
  • Hair regeneration


Visible Improvements With Just 10 Minutes Per Day

This technology has one of the fastest results on usage; it’s aptly best for hair growth and proper nourishment. With just 10 minutes massage every single day, improvements are observed. Depending on your scalp condition, it takes no lesser than 2 weeks to achieve the desired result.

Hair-Fall Stop And Proven Regrow For Men and Women

Hair fall is prevalent, especially due to manipulative hairstyles; hair breakage is also classified under this category. Women have always wondered about the best means to bring a halt to the constant hair fall. This product can be used to terminate hair breakage and to restore the hair back to its original length, enhancing a regrowth.

650nm Low Laser Technology Proven To Revitalize Hair Follicles

The low laser technology with a wavelength of 650nm has been tested and proven to strengthen and reinvigorate the hair from its follicles. The hair follicles produce hair fibers and are responsible for hair growth, hair color, hair texture, etc. This technology helps in revitalizing this part of the integumentary system.

Scalp Oil Production Control Thanks To Red Light Technology

Red light therapy, also known as low-level laser therapy or cold laser therapy, Introduces photons of light into the skin and tissues of the scalp. As the skin absorbs the light, weak cells help with promoting the growth of new hair. This inturn prevents the secretion and storage of excess oil on the layers of the scalp. With such control measures, the scalp is free of the negative effects of the accumulation of oil.

Healthier Hair And Scalp Ideal For Hair Regrowth Micro-Environment

Hair growth can be maximally achieved in a healthful environment. The healthier the environment, the more chances for the hair follicles to grow hair faster and thicker. With the HairRevit Pro, the scalp is ideal to birth hair growth in a nourishing atmosphere. There’s nothing more beautiful than having that hair length you desire!

Easy To Use And Portable With Rechargeable Battery

People are used to washing and rewashing a lot of products on their scalps and many other methods to restore hair loss.

The Hair Revit Pro is very easy to use, and does so in a few easy steps; it can be used by anyone at any time, which makes it efficient for everyone. It is durable and portable, making it extremely flexible and dynamic. It could be used when in motion and at work. It comes with a rechargeable battery that can be charged and used for a principal amount of time.

How To Use HairRevit Pro

Including the alternate switches, this device has 4 EMR, FR signal positions and should be used for an average of 10-13 minutes.


Hair Revit Pro is available at the price of ₦ 81,222  ₦40,611* (50% Discount Per Unit)

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  • Make sure you clean it especially when you notice dirt or stain on it. Use mostly dry cloth, or paper towel
  • No water or detergent is required for cleaning purposes. 
  • If you don’t use it for long periods, make sure it is 100% charged
  • Please put out of the reach of children for their own safety 
  • Do not allow a nonprofessional to disassemble the main body of the product 
  • Contact an experienced professional to fix any defect observed


“I am completely faithful to the usage of this device. It helps hair health to be restored in the best manner. This product has made my hair loss problem cured and thus ensure that I have proper hair health. Thus I suggest it for other people too.”

John Hugh

“It fixes hair perfectly with proper use. I love the red light technique which does not harm the user. Plus, it is very portable and does not eat up space. I just love how easy it is to use it.”

Paul K.


Good hair comes with so much glory. Most times, time is not sufficient to give it its proper treatment. Thanks to technology that has made things way easier for us. A product like HairRevit Pro in the market space is a huge difference that makes our hair growth journey more beautiful. Make your purchase and you would testify of the rapid effects and changes observed.

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