Titanium Trim Hair Cutter; 2023 Micro Touch Trim- Is It Reliable?

Titanium trim hair cutter

Titanium Trim Hair Cutter makes shaving exciting and fun!

Ever wondered why you keep getting those bumps and humps while shaving?

Ever wondered why you get to see drops of blood after trimming?

Do you want to have a better experience? a better shave?

You are not far from it; read more and make a purchase, you would not regret it.


The difference between these two colloquially used words is that “to shave” is to create baldness by using a tool such as a razor or pair of clippers(electric or manual) to cut the hair pretty close to the skin while “to trim” means to reduce or lower slightly, it also means “to cut”; especially removing an excess; eg trimming of one’s beard. 


Say goodbye to fake clippers and scissors; there is a better and more reliable way to have a haircut at your convenience. We are introducing Micro Touch trim: A simple and efficient way to groom your body hair(head to toe). All in the comfort of one’s room. It is designed to resemble and feel like a hair comb, titanium trim perfectly gives you a clean trim in comfy.

Micro Touch trim includes five basic attachments: 4 attachments help you find and adjust to fit the perfect length at which to cut your hair, and 1 guard to protect your skin, especially when grooming sensitive areas like the groin and pelvic region. Additionally, the unit can be extended to various heights to aid reach those hard places that short clippers cannot easily reach – Your shoulders, neck, back, etc.

Titanium trim hair cutter

This is very efficient for removing back hair. Also, when the comb is taken off, you can easily have a precision Trimmer for shaping sideburns and even the lower beards.


The TRENDING Titanium Trim is the ideal home solution for keeping your hair always neat, trimmed and tidy – from head-to-toe. Titanium Trim’s polished stainless steel blades are fitted with titanium and rev at 200 rpm for a more precise cut while the blade angle(90°) provides an ideal position for a natural comb and cut experience.

Titanium trim hair cutter

With five (5) comb attachments, you can get the perfect length for your style, and you can trim with ease. It extends a full 40mm for hard-to-reach areas. A soft touch, non-slip grip and built-in LED spotlight make MicroTouch Titanium Trim all you need and satisfying for total self-styling at home. This is an interesting offer, a different product from what people are used to.


Brand:  Micro Touch

Color:  Trim

Item Dimensions (LxWxH):  10 x 1.75 x 5.25 inches

Item Weight:  0.4 Pounds

Blade Material:  Titanium

Batteries Required?:  Yes

Batteries:  2 AA batteries required. (included)

Customer Reviews: 4.0 out of 5 stars (12,846 Reviews)

Best sellers rank:  #3 in Hair clippers and accessories

Does Titanium Trim work?

It works perfectly for the following:

  • Fast And Easy To Use Self Hair Care
  • Versatile Shaver With Special Hand Grip
  • Safe And Sharp Cutting Mechanism
  • Stainless Steel Razors Unit
  • Easy To Clean Cutting Head
  • Fully Portable With Rechargeable Battery


*MicroTouch Titanium TRIM is a haircutting tool that shapes and trims your hair, it is indeed a full-body groomer.

*This cordless trimmer is the most convenient way to give oneself a smooth haircut and manscape in privacy and safety of one’s home

*Titanium TRIM makes cutting your hair as easy as combing your hair. Remove the combs and use it as a trimmer and shaper for other hairy zones. 

Titanium Trim Comb

Titanium Trim comes with 5 hair cutting/comb attachments, which increases the flexibility of the usage of this premium product.


  • Natural comb & cut blade angle

When it comes to cutting or trimming your own hair, the first problem encountered is that you cannot stand behind yourself to monitor the blades like a barber would. Getting the right angle of approach is key, so Microtouch Titanium Trim is cleverly designed to be held like a hand comb, with the blades along the side, which is ideally positioned to trim your hair evenly and precisely.

This is done without straining one’s hand and hyperextending the wrist trying to cut at a correct angle. Just comb it smoothly through your hair and let the titanium coated blades do the rest of the work.

  • Micro-polished, titanium-bonded stainless steel blades
  • 5 custom attachments for your perfect length
  • Extendable handle for hard-to-reach areas

Reaching those areas at the top and back of your head is extremely hard and difficult to control, especially without a mirror to check the length and angle of the cut. Microtouch Titanium Trim has an extendable handle that adds 40mm to your reach. 

  • Soft touch, non-slip grip, built-in LED spotlight
  • Perfect for head, neck and back
  • Micro-polished, titanium-bonded stainless-steel blades
  • Soft touch, non-slip grip
  • Built-in LED spotlight


Microtouch titanium trim manual is an essential guide to the effective use of the product. 

Do Not Open until you Watch the Video that provides an Excellent Guide and Avoidable Misunderstandings and Mistakes on Assembly, Cutting and Cleaning of Body Hair. 

The product will replace the need for haircuts and salons, saving much money. It is like having a white house barber that trims the president’s hair everyday.

Some tips include:

  • When using it for the first time, ensure to wrap a clean towel around your shoulder region. 
  • Do not use the tool on wet hair; use it  only on dry hair. 
  • Endeavor to pre-groom your hair by brushing or combing from the root to the strands to effectively remove hair tangles. 
  • Always comb through slowly and gently; go over and over on that area of the head you want to trim until you get your desired result and are satisfied.


This product can be bought on Amazon, Walmart, Click the link below!

$15.79 ($15.79 / Count) $29.99  

Save $14.20 (47%)

No Import Fees Deposit & $19.48 Shipping to Nigeria Details

All major payment methods accepted.


EasyTrim Pro is available at the price of ₦ 40,735 ₦ 20,367* (50% Discount Per Unit)

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EasyTrim Pro 3 Years Warranty


Q: Does it come with a charger?

A: No, it does not; it works with a single AA battery, just replace it on time.

Q: Can I use this microtouch titanium trimmer to keep a stubble-like look on my shaved bald head? thanks! 

A: Yes you can!!!

Q: How does its charge last?

A: Hi ya, the charge lasts depending on the type of batteries you choose. I have been using the trimmer intermittent tilt for the first month with plenty of charge from supplied batteries. I’d suggest you use other batteries, li-ion or some other kind of rechargeable. The charge will last much longer.

Q: Can I use this to shave my balls?

A: Yes, you can use the MicroTouch Titanium Trim to shave the genital area. Please be sure to use the Blade Guard attachment.

Q: So is this a good product to keep you from having to go to the barber shop?

A: Probably not. There is no way that a really good “home kit” like this one could replace a barber’s training and experience. However, it will keep your hair tidier and trimmed between visits.

Q: Can I use titanium trim on my dog?

A: Sharp and adjustable blades made of titanium can cut your dog’s hair at an acute angle. The ceramic moving blades are smooth, and are especially efficient for such cuttings.

Q: How long are the titanium trim attachments?

A: With five (5) comb attachments, you can get the perfect length for your style, and you can edge and trim with ease. Plus, Titanium TRIM™ extends a full 40mm to deliver the perfect power position for hard-to-reach areas.


Titanium trim hair cutter REVIEWS is enough motivation to make a purchase of this efficient product.

It is very easy to use; it did a great job for me while cutting and trimming my beard. It cuts gently, which to me is also very important. My old razor set scratched and sometimes even pierced into my skin. The Microtouch Titanium Trim took beautiful cuts, almost neater than the previous, but did not scratch or come through the epidermal layer of my skin.

This is the second time I am using this trimmer since I made the purchase, and I am happy to say that I am still on the same batteries. I have gone through some of the reviews that speak about the batteries not lasting for a long period of time; personally, mine has not shown any signs of losing charge. My hair is not so thick and hard to cut, which could contribute to my batteries lasting for longer periods. I am really excited that I purchased this trimmer. So much so, I filled out the rated survey and got 10% off; I bought my son one.


Using the normal barber’s clippers on oneself is as difficult as you can imagine; they are primarily designed with horizontal blades, which is perfect for a second-man usage. The Micro Touch hair clipping tool is a huge relief, as It functions just like a comb. It does the job effectively; you can switch from left to right hand and vice versa for the back of your head. There’s really no regret in getting this too.

Dorian Marcus

It is a great groomer to use every 3-4 days to keep hair neat, tidy, sharp and short. At regions around the ears, sideburns and back of the head and neck. The extension reach is an asset for hard to reach areas on the body and requires little or no effort to push or scrape too hard; it does require   learning via consistency to know how to drive through slowly.


The Micro Touch tool replaces the need for haircuts every week. I suggest you buy it from reliable sites because they stand behind the products sold. It’s a worthy tool to purchase, only If you use it properly as seen on the video. I am glad I bought It so far.


It has an average function and quality for the amount of money paid. It is versatile with its maneuverability but does not cut as perfectly well as seen on Television commercials. Although it is safe and will not cut your skin like in the commercial, the light is LED bright which is very useful for facial hair under and around the chin zone


Great Haircut, I must commend. First time I used a great haircut tool; it is so easy to use, left or right handed and well built.


Medico Beauty World

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